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Lizz ✦ 16 ✦ I still don't remember how this whole "watching shows and crying about them" thing started

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"Be proud of your place in the Cosmos. It is small, and yet, it is."

- Cecil Palmer (via nightshadetears)

I just listened to episode 1 of wtnv


-I ship narrator dude Cecil with apparently perfect hair scientist Carlos
-what the fuck is with the dog park
-what the fuck is with everything
-what the fuck


hogwarts houses word puzzles 


Orange is the New Black vs. Tumblr

vs. Tumblr series (2/?)

I felt spiritually inclined to post a Croatoan selfie, so here we are


The character is fictional, but the pain is real

this could mean….danger (x)

Being sick may suck, but having a tea infuser that looks like a small person definitely doesn’t


Steve Carlsberg is Scorpio
pass it on

No but during a live show Cecil blatantly said Steve Carlsberg during the Scorpio it’s totally canon